We provide immigration advice to domestic and foreign individuals, businesses or investors. We often render immigration services in conjunction with tax and estate planning for persons receiving significant foreign-source income or for business executives. We assist clients in applying for, and facilitate their procurement of, appropriate visas.

Business and Employment-Based Immigration

  • EB-1: Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers, and Multinational Executives and Managers;
  • EB-2: Workers with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability in the Sciences, Arts or Business;
  • EB-3: Skilled Workers and Professionals;
  • EB-4: Special Immigrant Visas for Religious Workers;
  • EB-5: Investor/Employment Creation Visa.

Business and Employment-Based Non-Immigrant Visas

  • E-1: Treaty Traders Visa;
  • E-2: Treaty Investors Visa;
  • L-1: Intra-Company Transfer Visa;
  • H1-B: Specialty Occupation (Professional) Visa;
  • J-1: Trainee and Intern Visa.

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