We represent a spectrum of domestic and foreign business structures (corporations, partnerships, “pass through” entities). One of our fortés is implementing business start-ups, including:

  • Planning to attain long-term client goals;
  • Selecting appropriate operational structure(s);
  • Establishing basic relationships (commercial, executive, banking);
  • Providing executive support (eg: executive participation, visas….);
  • Protecting industrial or commercial property (trademarks, trade secrets);
  • Due diligence research and reporting.

Another forté involves effectuating changes in business or investment structures or entities with perspectives of updating and improving them, such as:

  • Legal reviews and analyses;
  • Reorganizations;
  • Mergers, fusions, spin-offs;
  • Acquisitions & divestitures;

We may also constitute and coordinate the expert and professional teams needed to prepare and maintain effective operational, financial, business, or reorganization plans.

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